Btc wallet hack

btc wallet hack

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How I hacked a hardware crypto wallet and recovered $2 million
The attack affected users of Libbitcoin, an alternative to the official Bitcoin wallet implementation. Following a high-profile hack last week, crypto wallet-maker Ledger said it will cover the roughly $ worth of assets lost by victims. Researchers have discovered several vulnerabilities in the BitcoinJS library that could leave Bitcoin wallets created online a decade ago.
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See our ethics statement. Sign up to receive our headlines in your inbox. This saying implies that no matter what the circumstances are, if you don't control the keys to your crypto, you can't control what happens to it. The researchers have already contacted the online cryptocurrency services known to have used vulnerable versions of the BitcoinJS library. If the number used as a key is highly predictable, it makes it easier and quicker for an attacker armed with information about the key-generation procedure to brute-force it.