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Mining Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Paraguay Latinoamerica

Who we are

Headquartered in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, the mission of coinPY is to be the largest cryptocurrency mining company in Latin America and, by 2020, represent 20% of the extraction of major cryptocurrencies in the international market.

With a unique business model, our commercial operation is based on our supply chain´s advantage and from obtaining economic benefits of the spaces in our "Mining farm". This is done by selling equipment (miners), leasing space in racks with Internet connection, and the supply of electricity. In addition to this, coinPY offers its customers the experience of its technical staff for the installation and maintenance of mining equipment.

Mining Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Paraguay Latinoamerica
Mining and research of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies

What we do

coinPY is dedicated to the research and mining of digital coins. We are always looking for partners globally to provide complete equipment or partitions that meet the specific characteristics of mining, the particularities of each code, and current and future difficulties.

Currently, with two warehouses located in different directions in Ciudad del Este, coinPY provides an adequate infrastructure and technical personnel to keep its minadoras in a safe and low cost environment.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and DASH mining services

Mining with coinPY

Mining is the essence of bitcoin, the basic working mechanism of any digital currency based on blockchain. The process comes from the decentralized processing of transactions, operated by several miners around the world. Miners invest an increasing amount of capital to acquire and maintain equipment that performs bitcoin network processing.

Planos de minería

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero and DASH mining services
coinBR and coinPY

A bit of history

Operating in the digital currency market since 2013, coinBR is dedicated to providing a complete experience to Bitcoin users.

To meet its demand for bitcoins, coinBR has been dedicated in recent years to the arduous task of creating its own extraction of bitcoins and altcoins. The launch of coinPY is the result of all this effort.

Initially the mission of coinPY was to provide coinBR with bitcoins at low cost, but over time and with market demand, coinPY began offering its products and services to the market.