Crypto was always smoke and mirrors

crypto was always smoke and mirrors

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No BS: Are NFTs just smoke and mirrors?
Before his epic fall, Sam Bankman-Fried was hailed as a crypto genius. Some clients saw smoke and mirrors. The fall of FTX shocked everyone. Except this guy. Crypto Was Always Smoke and Mirrors - Read online for free. The world of cryptocurrency is rich with eccentric characters and anonymous.
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  • crypto was always smoke and mirrors
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  • crypto was always smoke and mirrors
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FTX and Alameda, as a major crypto exchange and market maker, attracted crypto developers to list their projects for trading. Continue reading. But this was almost more fun for me when I was on the losing side�when crypto was booming, and before it was obvious to everybody that this was all a scam. FTX had , monthly trading users and 5 million registered users, roughly 3 percent the user base of its larger competitors.