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coinPY vs Nube

Rental of the mining structure with coinPY

The main advantages of mining in the coinPY data center, with your own machine, whether purchased with coinPY or directly from the manufacturer:

  • Cryptocurrencies are directly sent to your wallet.
  • Freedom to move your cryptocurrency at any time.
  • You may choose your mining pool.
  • Larger profitability.
  • You own the machine, which allows you to sell it or remove it at any time.
  • You can visit our data center and know the facilities.

Mining in the cloud

The disadvantages of mining in the cloud:

  • The pool will always participate in your earnings.
  • Does not allow you to change cryptocurrency nor pool.
  • It is simply a mining contract, for which you do not own the machine.
  • Most cloud mining services are suspected of fraud or pyramid.
  • It is almost impossible to visit the facilities.
  • Communication with the support team is complicated, without a physical office.


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